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04 Base Oils + Specialty Lubricants

04.1. PAO (Poly Alfaolefins)

Chemically engineered synthetic base stocks, also known as API Group IV base stocks, widely used in synthetic and synthetic blends for automotive and industrial applications.

Featuring very stable chemical compositions and highly uniform molecular chains, they demonstrate superb oxidation stability and exceptional performance even in extreme low temperatures.

Key benefits include:

  • Exceptional low and high temperature performance
  • Superb oxidation stability
  • Low volatility
  • Extended drain intervals

Our PAO range includes the following products:

  • PAO 4
  • PAO 6
  • PAO 8
  • PAO 10
  • PAO 40
  • PAO 100

04.2. White Oils

Highly refined, odor-free, photo-stable, extremely pure white oils with advanced performance characteristics. Specially manufactured and tested to comply with strict food and pharmaceutical regulations and other demanding industrial applications. Ideal for:

  • cosmetics and personal care products
  • materials in contact with pharmaceutical and food products
  • lubricant production
  • polymer production

Our range of white oils includes pharmaceutical and technical grade products.

04 Base Oils + Specialty Lubricants

04.3. API Group III Base Stocks

Extremely pure base oils with very low volatility and high viscosity indices, ranging from 120 to 140 VI, exceeding the most stringent engine oil specifications. Their excellent low temperature and oxidation properties made them the ideal choice for such demanding applications as:

  • Next-generation premium engine oils
  • Extended-drain transmission and gear oils
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic and power transfer fluids
  • Long-life turbine and industrial oils

Our range of API Group III base stocks includes Group III 4 cSt and Group III 6 cSt.

API Group II Base Stocks

Base oils that have undergone additional refinement processing compared to API Group I base stocks. Their high viscosity index (up to 120 VI), excellent oxidation properties and low sulphur content make them an ideal choice for demanding applications, such as:

  • Next-generation premium engine oils
  • Top quality industrial lubricants

04 Base Oils + Specialty Lubricants

04.4. Group I Base Stocks

Widely used by the lubricant industry as essential ingredients for formulators and blenders of passenger and commercial vehicle lubricants, as well as in other industrial applications.

Our Group I base stock range includes the following products:

  • SN 100
  • SN 150
  • SN 500
  • SN 600
  • Brightstock

Available in bulk or in drums.

04.5. Specialty Lubricants

Base oils for special industrial applications, produced from select feedstocks using specific refining processes to offer the following performance characteristics:

  • Low viscosity (from 2.0 cSt to 9.0 cSt at 40°C)
  • Low aromatic content (0-18%)
  • Low pour points (up to -50°C) for extremely low temperature applications

Process Oils

Specially blended paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic process oils for the rubber industry.

Our range of process oils includes the following products:

Paraffinic Process Oils

Naphthenic Process Oils

Aromatic Process Oils

Available in bulk or in drums.